Saturday, October 20, 2012

acrylic on canvas

         February 2008, a hungry, pregnant tigress strayed into Deulbari, a village about 150 miles south of Calcutta, close to the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve. A video of the village people's reaction to her was on the internet, but soon was taken down. The video had footage of the pregnant tigress trying to escape from 100's of villagers that were throwing stones at her and at one point tried to set her on fire. She took refuge in a tree and was finally sedated and brought back to the refuge, where she jumped from the boat into the water, to her freedom. 
         When I viewed this video, my first reaction was with disgust for the villagers who took to such violence. However, my focus then came to the symbolism of the Tigress for my own life. 
          Hungry to satiate my fears and anxiety, I have in the past, strayed to strange places for refuge. Beaten and worn from these experiences I slowly began to recognize I needed help to balance my learning towards positive growth. Receiving help in many layered ways, I was able to overcome  blame and regret, and was shown my ability to surpass my experiences. I now can leap into my life knowing I have the capability to navigate my emotions in a balanced and natural way.