Saturday, February 15, 2014

Green and White

       I was getting directions for somewhere the other day, and I went on the Google Maps site. I chose the option of street view so I could virtually go through my route. When the picture loaded it was a shock of green to my eyes! The 'google' mobile had gone through when it was the height of summer. (It is winter right now for me in NY) The landscape was so saturated in green!

It is amazing the effect of color on our systems.

Medium Green of early summer means oxidation, growth, new beginnings
White of winter is purifying, detoxing, insulating, preparing the ground for new growth. 

There are a lot of 'heavy' negative frequencies for me that go along with the positive Medium green of Summer... there are dark greens that are symbolic of past experiences that anchor stubborness and stagnation... (you ever see a pool of green algae type stuff stinking in the sun?) this can be a reflection of the stagnation one holds inside. I have had 'trouble' with Summer at times because I find it to be very overwhelming, and I can easily get 'stuck' in worry over what to do next... the dark greens of summer.

Winter whites have a lot of Blue tones to them. Too much blue, like the saying goes... "I've got the blues..." can hold sadness and like the medium green, a type of stagnation. I can get 'stuck' in Winter due to not moving around and exploring, blaming the cold and snow for my 'entrapment'.

However it is my choice to stagnate or shake that off and push through to better perspectives. I am aware of the influences of color in my environment and the mind patterns that may go along with them. I accept that I can struggle with seasons. With this acceptance I can now understand, be compassionate, and surpass any issues I may come across during the seasons. 

What about you? Do you have any seasonal 'issues'? Have you ever thought of how color can effect you emotionally and physically?  


  1. Interesting questions. Both of the above photos also show somewhat (for me) idealized images of summer and winter. The summer shot shows rich green of a rural landscape at either morning or evening. It looks very restful and comforting, whereas a photo taken at the same time in an urban area might look much less so. Personally, I have often found summers in cities to be unpleasant and emotionally and physically stressful, what with extreme heat and humidity and concrete and traffic and all that, but in a rural area you could possibly chill under a tree in such weather. But I remember as a kid I used to actually get a bit depressed sometimes seeing the long shadows cast by trees and buildings in summer weather. Not sure why that was. I've had my struggles with summer, that's for sure.
    The winter photo is my idealized kind of day to be outdoors, perhaps exploring on x-c skis. I love gloomy, cold days in fields, forests or seashore, with dark gray clouds coming and going. Most people would probably not like such a day, but I like them for some reason.

  2. I think grey has a certain saturation, solidity, and 'wealth' to it, as with all colors. This year I have been enjoying the winter weather more than I ever have in my life.

    I spent many summers in Albany. I thought today of a summer where I was sitting in traffic on Central Ave, in my maroon Toyota Tercel, without air conditioning, seething with hatred for the city. At the time I had no physical and 'auric' boundaries between myself and the oodles of people around me so I mixed with everyone's 'stuff'.

    Cities are tough. There is so much pent anger and miscellaneous emotion running rampant. Lots of confusion...
    Lots of confusion... which I think why the negative side of grey is confusion, and why cities are concrete and grey. But the positive side of grey is solidity and strength... which also can characterize city buildings, roads, etc.